Why Shutters Are Ideal Window Coverings

What you choose to cover your windows with enhances or takes away from the looks of a room. Therefore, making the right choice can be a challenging task, especially when making this kind of investment. That is why it is a good idea to make comparisons.

What to Keep in Mind When Making a Shutter Selection

When making a choice, you want to make a decision based on your personal likes and dislikes as well as what is practical for your particular living space. Also, before you make comparisons, keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Do not try to cut corners on your investment. Whilst saving money upfront might sound like a good idea, a quality installation and product will last longer and save you much more money over the life of your property.
  • Also, do not settle. You have to look at your window coverings each day. Therefore, select a treatment that is made of quality products that, again, strongly reflect your sense of style and taste.
  • Ask for assistance when making a decision. You may be overlooking some unique window treatments. Talking to a decorator can help you broaden your options and give you some fresh ideas.

If you live in Australia, you know the practicality of choosing Perth shutters. The coverings not only protect a residence from the wind but they are also a lovely addition to any exterior or décor. Needless to say, the coverings add a great deal of texture to a home’s architecture and design.

Plantation Styles

In addition, interior shutters can be made to fit your windows in either plantation or traditional styles. Plantation shutters are highly popular as their louvres are broader, which makes the light distribution greater as well. Today, shutters for the interior of a home can be made with faux woods, which also make them more affordable. The non-toxic materials can be used throughout a property, even in the areas that are more humid or damp.

To reduce the weight of this type of shutter and add stability, aluminium louvre inserts are used in the wider panel designs. Vertical stability is also supplied with aluminium reinforcements in each side of the panels.

The elliptical blades of these wider shutters are generally available in such sizes as 63mm, 89mm, or 114mm. You also have a wide array of colours from which to choose, including premium paint options. The shutters can be ordered in a wide choice of configurations. In fact, maximum panel spans can go up to 750mm if desired.

Two-Way Blade Closure

Many homeowners like shutters that display a flat blade for their design or showcase two-way blade closure. Utilising mortise and tenon joinery, these kinds of shutters also come with upgraded moulding that makes their addition a stunning accessory in any kind of interior décor.

If you are seeking a wood shutter that is traditional in design, then the choice of cedar represents a shutter that is both classic and historic in style. The natural grains of the shutter combined with the wood’s warmer colour make this the ideal choice for a variety of architraves, frames, and configurations.

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