The Best Balustrades in All of Perth

Are you updating your home or office? Perhaps you’re striving for a more modern, aesthetic look. If so, you might want to consider revamping your balustrades, since this often overlooked and underutilised feature of your home or office can actually have an unexpected amount of visual impact.

What Is a Balustrade?

Balustrades are so underrated and underutilised that many people don’t even know exactly what they are. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry –  you’ve come to the right place. A balustrade is simply a row of small columns, topped by a rail. If that image instantly made you think of staircases, then you are on the right track, since balustrades are most often included in modern architectural layouts and designs adjoined to staircases.

The balustrade functions to stop people from falling off a staircase, to sequester an area off the staircase so that it’s visually separate from the rest of the space, and on occasion, to create a private space in a stairwell.

Modern Balustrades

Of course, traditional balustrades are quite old-fashioned – a series of pillar-like columns, topped by a railing, their look is very much a holdover from the ancient Athenian world. As a result, you might very rightly be wondering how balustrades have been updated, in order to fit in with the new, modern aesthetic that has become so prevalent in the 21st century: sleek, minimal and functional, while somehow, simultaneously breathing expense and luxury.

The answer to this question is simple: glass balustrades.  The design and wide implementation of glass balustrades, with pillars that are so well concealed that they appear almost invisible, is one way that balustrades have been updated. High quality balustrading in WA often features glass – both frosted and clear – and is both a gorgeous and durable feature, that works well in many offices or homes.

Updating Your Balustrading Has Never Been Easier

As mentioned earlier in this article, updating your balustrading is a simple, easy, and effective way to enhance the visual impact of your home and create a more aesthetically appealing environment. Simply get in contact with a WA manufacturer of glass balustrades, and they will send you a kit including items such as frameless balustrading materials, glass panes cut to size, hardware, and relevant chemicals.

Better still, instead of doing things yourself and wasting a truckload of your time and energy on the project, you can get your WA manufacturer to attach a balustrading professional to your package for you. These skilled individuals will whip together a balustrade that is not only incredibly beautiful to look at, but also incredibly safe, so this is a particularly good option for those with small children, pets, or a lifestyle that makes them prone to falling down the stairs with some regularity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your WA balustrading manufacturer today to get the process of increasing your home’s aesthetic value and safety started.

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